Clean & Sober Living


Good Samaritan Shelter supports three separate Clean and Sober Living (CSL) homes in Santa Maria, for men and women who are in recovery, and wish to maintain their sobriety. The CSL homes provide a warm family environment. The cost for a resident to live at a CSL is 30% of the resident’s gross income, so that a better life can be affordable to all who need a new beginning.


• 30 days or more of sobriety preferred. If less than one year clean & sober, the CSL resident will be required to enroll in a treatment program for at least 6 months.
• If unemployed, resident will have 60 days to secure employment unless medically or psychologically unable.
• All residents will submit to random drug testing.
• All residents are required to attend house meetings and attend no less than three NA/AA meetings per week.
• Must have and be actively working with a 12-step sponsor. If a resident does not currently have a sponsor, he/she will be given 30 days to do so.
• Each resident is responsible for his/her share of household chores and groceries.
• Savings accounts are available through Good Samaritan Shelter, at Administration.
• Case management services are available.
• Permanent housing is available.

Conditions for Removal from Program:

• Unwilling to work toward recovery (i.e. no 12-step sponsor after 30 days, or unwilling to attend outpatient program).

• Non compliance with house rules and/or curfews.
• Relapse without going into a detox program.
• Verbal/physical abuse towards residents or staff.
• Unwilling to seek employment (if qualified).


For More Information Contact:
Clean & Sober Living
Santa Maria, CA 93456
Phone: (805) 346-8185
Fax: (866) 653-0813

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