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Good Samaritan Shelter No Smoking Policy.

Effective January 5, 2015


POLICY: All facilities of Good Samaritan Shelter are free of tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs. Use of any type of these products is prohibited anywhere on the campus, including buildings, bathrooms, automobiles, parking lots, sidewalks, grassy areas, etc.

PURPOSE: To ensure that all facilities are tobacco-free. Good Samaritan Shelter desires to provide a treatment and work environment that is tobacco-free in order to support the health and well-being of all clients, employees and visitors.

1. All Good Samaritan Shelter facilities, including company owned vehicles, are tobacco-free facilities. Tobacco use is not allowed in any building or vehicle owned by Good Samaritan Shelter. Tobacco use includes the use of all tobacco products, such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and electronic smoking devices, etc.

2. The use of any of these products in Good Samaritan Shelter facilities by clients constitutes a violation of program rules. GSSI, Inc. has a no tolerance policy. Residential clients in the PPW programs are not permitted to have any tobacco or smoking materials on site. Client violations may result in client’s loss of privileges, loss of free time, and possibly exit from program with repeat violations. Rewards for successful cessation will be made available in the form of gift cards, extra free time or earned (or additional) privileges.
3. The use of any of these products in Good Samaritan Shelter facilities (including company owned vehicles or personal vehicles while on facilities grounds) by staff members may result in disciplinary action as indicated in the GSSI, Inc. Drug-Free Workplace Act Standard Policy which is attached hereto and incorporated as though fully set forth at this point Employee disciplinary action may include verbal warning, written warning and/or mandatory attendance in smoking cessation counseling, Repeat violations could result in suspension and possible termination. An employee smoking cessation program is available and offers education and treatment aids including nicotine patches, gum or medications as indicated by cessation facilitator or personal physician as appropriate. 
4. Clients receiving services at Good Samaritan Shelter will be offered the opportunity to participate in smoking cessation programs. If interested, clients will receive smoking cessation brochures, resources and nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and medications as prescribed by their physician. NRT will be discontinued if a client continues to smoke when off campus (in order to prevent a dangerous nicotine overdose). NRT will be prescribed, documented and dispensed like other medications. All clients who use tobacco will be given the Fagerström Test for Nicotine Dependence.
5. When any new visitor arrives at the facility, staff should review the tobacco-free environment policy with the visitor. When any repeat visitor arrives at the facility, staff should remind the individual that Good Samaritan Shelter is a tobacco-free environment. Violation of the tobacco-free environment policy by a visitor may result in termination of visiting privileges. All visitors should be informed that clients cannot receive cigarettes or other nicotine products while in treatment.
6. When any staff person takes or accompanies a client off the grounds, it should be understood that a client may choose to smoke when not on campus, but may not smoke in Good Samaritan Shelter vehicles or personal vehicles while on GSSI premises. Clients indicating that they wish or intend to smoke when off grounds should be reminded of the value of maintaining abstinence from tobacco even when away from Good Samaritan Shelter Services. It should be noted in the client’s chart that he/she is currently using tobacco and NRT should not be provided to the client, unless he or she is making another quit attempt.
7. When any staff accompanies a client off grounds or is co-located with a client off grounds, staff is prohibited from smoking or using tobacco or nicotine-based products in the presence of clients. Failure to comply will result in the same disciplinary actions noted above.
8. Persons contacting Good Samaritan Shelter for information on services will be advised prior to admission that all facilities are tobacco-free. Potential hires should be informed during the interview process that Good Samaritan Shelter is a smoke and tobacco free environment.
9. All Good Samaritan Treatment Staff will complete smoking cessation certified instructor training available at continuing education units (CEU) are available for this 5 module course. Training to be completed before December 15, 2014 .New staff will complete training within 30 day of hire after January 1, 2015. Additional training opportunities will be provided and may be required depending on the nature of the job duties.

APPROVED AND ADOPTED: January 5, 2015.

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